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The New England Cider Co. was started in 2015 and is one of the brands we now make at Merilba Estate. It was born out of our winemaker, Shaun Cassidy, and fellow wine geek Sam Watson, agreeing that it was tough to find good dry cider, and voila, the New England Cider Co. was born! Based at Merilba Estate, we make our cider by hand and utilise the least amount of intervention with our cider.

So what makes our cider different from every other cider you can find on the shelves? Let us try and convert you:

  • We make all of our ciders from fresh fruit and fresh fruit only. We source our fruit from across Australia, and where possible NSW. We're big believers of reducing our food miles, so for us the closer the better!
  • Our cider doesn't contain high levels of sugar. 

  • Our cider is Gluten Free & Vegan.

  • We make our cider in small batches - ensuring that every batch is of high quality!

  • Our cider is carbonated using secondary fermentation and remains cloudy.

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So this cider was our first cider we every brewed and we love it. Unapologetically bone dry. We make this cider from 100% NSW Grown Granny Smith's, it's 7% alcohol so maybe take it easy, and if you don't it's certainly strong enough to break the ice. 


330ml bottles

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'Bare Pear is exactly what it is, fresh Aussie Pears stripped back and shown with all to see, just how good Aussie Pear juice is! It's a dry pear so if you're not into the sweet life, this is your drink, and unbelievably refreshing! 5.5% ABV.


330ml bottles